About us

Opera Dinners is a mix of opera, classical music and party with friends with the goal to support young talents. The event series started in New York City in 2014.

It aims to support young opera singers and musical talents by organizing events in special locations that target a crowd that might not even be specifically into opera but open to discover new things and mingle with interesting people.

The idea is that by performing at those events the young talents do not only get financial benefits but are also exposed to an audience that wants to help and support them. Our singers usually get booked afterwards to perform at weddings, anniversaries etc. Opera Dinners also expanded to support other artists and exhibits young painters or photographer talents that can sell their art pieces on the spot.

The typical setup - always in very special locations - starts with a reception, followed by the performance of the musicians and singers and then culminates into a party with everyone. The Opera Dinner is designed to be very interactive hence there is no seated dinner but food is served in a buffet style or comes as flying food. Once the performing part is over a DJ takes over and artists and international guests mix at the bar or on the dancefloor and dance the night away.

As part of a partnership with "Staatsoper Unter den Linden Berlin" the Berlin editions usually now also include a Matinee in the marvellous marble "Apollo Saal" in the Staatsoper itself.

As the event character is pro bono with the aim to support young singers, musicians and artists, there is always a need for sponsors and supporters.

It is important to know that the ticket price covers not only location fees, staff, food and drinks but also a financial compensation for the artists - the more proceedings Opera Dinner is able to generate the  it is able to support the artists.

 More infos and impressions about Opera Dinners can be found here.